Friday, September 30, 2016

Panic as margin calls begin: Deutsche Bank has financial system on the cusp of collapse!

From: Silver Doctors

THIS is how the run begins…

From PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler:

DB stock is now in a full panic sell-off as I write this. It just hit another new all-time NYSE low on by the heaviest volume ever in the stock since its 2001 NYSE listing. It’s currently down almost 10%. No doubt the Central Banks will try to bounce it.

Deutsche Bank may well be the scapegoat this time around just like Lehman was the scapegoat in 2008. Central Banks in collusion can prevent just one bank from collapsing. It was the co-collapsing of AIG and Goldman Sachs that prompted then-Secretary of Treasury, ex-Goldman CEO Henry Paulson, to put in motion the bailout of the U.S. and European banking system.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Famous last words - Deutsche Bank: “We don’t need a bailout”

Famous Last Words – Deutsche Bank: “We Don’t Need A Bailout”

“The share price is low but that is not what is worrying us and that is not what we are looking at. What is really important to us is our credit story which is very strong, it is fundamentally strong.” – Jorg Eigendorf, head of communications at DB on CNBC (sourced from Zerohedge)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fed intervention has completely destroyed the markets!

By: Dave Kranzler 

Federal Reserve intervention has killed natural market processes. The Fed is also starting to lose control of its ability to manipulate the markets. Today is a good example. The S&P and Dow are negative as I write this (2:30 EST) after staging a big early day rally. Most sub-indices, like retail and housing, are also red. BUT, the infamous “FANG” (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google) stocks + Apple are up anywhere from .2% (AMZN) to over 3% (AAPL). These stocks are the largest stocks in the SPX by market-cap and are part of the “tool kit” the Fed has been using to keep the S&P 500 and Dow from spiraling lower.

Friday, September 2, 2016

If This Is True, It Is GAME OVER – Bill Holter

Submitted by: Bill Holter
From: Silver Doctors

I did not plan to write another public article so soon after the last one but today’s topic(s) are very important and very connected in my opinion. I apologize for the length but I can’t make this stuff up, I just try to tie it together . First, we have been hearing the word “rigged” on a daily basis and pertaining to many facets of our life. We hear the word regarding markets, politics (specifically elections), our rule of law and judicial system, and even when it comes to lawmakers and bribery.

Bill Gross formerly of PIMCO, at one point managed the largest pool of money on the planet, he is no fool. I would also believe because of his fame, tenure and reputation, he would not lightly claim that markets are “rigged”. Not only has he claimed this for several months, he now says THE FED “has mastered market manipulation”! Please understand this is a VERY BIG statement on his part as he is (was?) a member of a very exclusive club (and we ain’t in it). Do you suppose he would risk his reputation and inclusion in “the club” lightly on just a suspicion? Or do you believe he is a man who firmly believes what he says and does so out of a steadfast conscience?

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

SETI team investigating mysterious Signal from Star 94 Light-Years away!!!

The SETI Institute is using the Allen Telescope Array in
Northern California in an attempt to confirm an
intriguing signal coming from the star HD 164595.
Credit: SETI Institute
By Mike Wall

A powerful signal has been spotted coming from the vicinity of a sunlike star, and now astronomers are trying to figure out what it means.

In May 2015, researchers using a radio telescope in Russia detected a candidate SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) signal that seems to originate from HD 164595, a star system that lies about 94 light-years from Earth, the website Centauri Dreams reported over the weekend.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Industry sponsored research: parallels between the vaccine and tobacco industry.

By: Rishma Parpia
From: The Vaccine Reaction

Industry-sponsored research has become the norm in the United States. In fact, most U.S. clinical trials within the fields of science and medicine, notably within the pharmaceutical sector, are now funded by industry.1 2 3 4 This has created a plethora of opportunities for funders to create data to fit their business agenda, thus creating a dilemma articulated in American author Upton Sinclair’s theorem, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary is dependent upon him not understanding it.”5

The implications of industry-sponsored research, particularly in the area vaccine safety, are of growing concern. The concern is reasonable, given the major ramifications of industry-sponsored research in other industries, such as tobacco.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Proxima Centauri’s awesome new planet!

From: Earthsky Space
By: Deborah Byrd

The newly found planet for Proxima Centauri, our sun’s nearest neighbor among the stars, is revealed as the closest possible abode for alien life.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Housing: I’ve worked thru 4 bubbles – they all end the same

From: IRD - Investment Research Dynamics

The three primary drivers of the economy are starting to head south: retail, housing, autos. I can smell the housing market slipping away now. I’ve been early on housing, like I was when the mid-2000’s Bubble 1.0 popped, but I was eventually very correct (I sold my dream house in November 2004).

The housing market is beginning to crater. I draw on “hands on” data from the Denver area because I can get “boots on the ground” due diligence accomplished. Denver is considered somewhat of a demographic “bellweather” for economic trends as they unfold. I don’t care what the media propaganda is reporting, in Denver housing sales are rapidly slowing, inventory is rapidly building and prices are falling. I’ve witnessed two $2 million+ homes in my area reduce their offer price 14% and 20% respectively shortly after their initial listing.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Rare ball lightening caught on video in Siberia!

Courtesy: Roman Tregubov
From: RT

A unique video of a giant fireball moving across a Siberian field could be the latest proof that ball lightning is not an urban myth, but a real natural phenomenon.

Novosibirsk State Technical University graduate Roman Tregubov, who currently resides in Canada, posted this video he took in the countryside just outside Novosibirsk while visiting Russia in July.

“This is the first time I’ve seen a ball lightning!!!! I even managed to film it a little… Awesome,” Roman emotionally captioned the video he shared on his Facebook page on July 18, 2016.

“Anyway I was shocked to see such a big and strong fireball... And whole process from his birth to death... Sounds... Visual... Feelings…[sic],” Tregubov continued.

Russian scientists battled deadly unkown octopus named organism 46-B under the Antarctic ice!

By: C. Michael Forsyth

GENEVA — A defecting Russian scientist has surfaced with a mind-bending account of what REALLY occurred when he and his colleagues went missing for five days in a mysterious lake 12,366 feet beneath the Antarctic ice.

Dr. Anton Padalka told authorities in Switzerland that the researchers discovered a bizarre and deadly life form dubbed Organism 46-B – a highly intelligent octopus-like creature that claimed the lives of three of the team members.

But the government of Russian president Vladimir Putin claimed that “nothing of scientific interest” was found – because the former KGB strongman hopes to weaponize the organism.

Friday, August 5, 2016

OMG!!! mysterious unidentified disease kills over 30 children in remote Myanmar!

From: Reliefweb

An undiagnosed disease has killed more than 30 children in a remote part of Myanmar, officials said Thursday, with health authorities struggling to treat victims.

The illness, with measles-like symptoms, has hit the far corner of Myanmar's northern Sagaing region, a remote and mountainous area which borders eastern India and is populated by people from the Naga tribes.

Adults and children have both been struck since the outbreak first emerged in June, a local MP said, but the illness appears to be particularly deadly to children under the age of five.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Is Valeant the next Enron?

From: IRD - Investment Research Dynamics

Earlier this year in March Valeant stock plunged in one day from $70 to $36. I had not paid much attention to the VRX Saga until then. 

When I examined the financials I was quite aghast with what looked to be the potential for another Enron – LINK. The financials are riddled with multiple accounting improprieties, if not outright fraud. The balance sheet sports over $31 billion in debt against just $9 billion in tangible assets. It’s tangible net worth is negative $32.6 billion.

I stopped following the Valeant Saga once Bill Ackman made a lot of noise announcing a new CEO and board. I figured the stock would bob and weave before and after every press release Ackman crafted to generate interest in the stock. Early April was my last commentary on the stock, although I’ve considered featuring it my Short Seller’s Journalas a great short idea.